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This Site Is In No Way Intended To Bash Skydiving ~

This site is here as a dedication. It offers a history within that. Within that, it offers some details of an isolated incident.

If you question the safety of skydiving, and this is why you are here, please ~

A) Look at the statistics. The number of people that die from skydiving each year is very low -- This incident was a rare one... about 22 people in the United States died while skydiving in 1968, and Don was one of them. It's not a chart you look at where each measure equals per 100 or per 1,000. You look at that chart and you see his addition to it clearly.

If you are against skydiving for you believe it is too dangerous for people to do, then you may consider giving up your car keys for good. The chances of dying via automobile are far far greater ~

An average of 45,000 Americans are killed in automobile accidents each year ~ Is the leading cause of death for persons age 1 to 34 in the United States.

National Transportation Data Archive

B) This incident happened in 1968. Things have changed tremendously.

C) This page is primarily here in memoriam of a family member. It is a dedication page for family & friends to visit, as well as others that knew & loved Donald.

It is also here in hopes that more people that knew Donald will somehow come across this page and contact my family & I.

Sidenote: Again, I am hoping to find a man by the name of Rick Sorenson. He should be in his late 50's by now. Should you know anyone meeting that description, please ask him about Donald, and if it is the right person, please let him know of this page and that we are seeking him. Thank you!

For anyone to whom happened upon us while seeking statistics on skydiving/skydiving fatalities because you are thinking of trying it, or are a skydiver and want to know more, then visit:

Skydiving Statistics

The Skydiving Fatalities Page

For more featured links, please visit Fly Free's Link page.