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About Me
Only a Scotsman Will Do...

An Introduction:

Hello there, and Welcome to my Home Page. My name is Rachael Anderson, and I live in central Connecticut (between NYC and Boston). I am a 28 year old professional, my trade being in that of interpreting, with a bit of dabbling in web and interior design.

I began doing my family genealogy in the beginning of this year, and learned quite a bit about my ancestry. My last name, Anderson, though very popular in Scotland, is in my case, Swedish...

My surname was brought to the USA by my great grandfather, Per Alfred Anderson in 1892. He came from a little town called Tidaholm in Sweden. I have found it very difficult to continue my research however, for though Sweden has kept some of the best vital records over the centuries compared to most countries, it has proven difficult to follow up from the USA for many reasons.

First of all, there is a language barrier. Secondly, Swedish surnames changed from generation to generation. The first name of the father became the last name of his sons with "son" added to it. For example, my great grandfather, Per Anderson, his fathers name was Anders Carlson, and though I have not come across an official record yet, chances are his father's name was Carl _________.

Still, where the surname Anderson is involved, I feel some pride. I am the first born daughter in my direct line of Anderson decendents since my great grandfathers arrival here in the states. I carry the surname proudly, for it has a rich history, both personally and throughout time. While doing my research, I found not only does it's history derive from Sweden, but also from Scotland....

Rachael - Headshot from cam

Location of Tidaholm, Sweden

My Family Tree