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1 Salem CORWIN
Birth abt 1807, NY
Spouse Charlotte HULSE
Birth 1813, NY
Children: Mary J (~1842-)
George E (~1844-)
John (1846-)
Ida W. (~1849-)
Wilbur (~1852-)
Henry Edward (1855-1902)

1.1 Mary J CORWIN
Birth abt 1842, NY

1.2 George E CORWIN
Birth abt 1844, NY

1.3 John CORWIN
Birth 1846, NY

1.4 Ida W. CORWIN
Birth abt 1849, NY

1.5 Wilbur CORWIN
Birth abt 1852, NY

1.6 Henry Edward CORWIN
Birth Apr 1855, Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Death 1902, Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Burial 1902, Bellport Cemetery
Occ Post Master
Spouse Mary E. BAYLES
Birth Jan 1859, Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Death Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Children: George Edward (1879-1955)
John H (1890-1957)

1.6.1 George Edward CORWIN
Birth 1 Jan 1879, Bellport, LI; Long Island, NY; New York
Death 11 Apr 1955, Hartford, Hartford, CT
Burial 16 Apr 1955, Bellport Cemetery, LI, NY
Occ Noted Veterinarian; Served the state of CT in various positions for app. 35 years
Educ Ontario Veterinary College & the U.S. Veterinary College in Washington D.C.
Reli Episcopal

Dr. George Edward Corwin was a noted veterinarian. He is best remembered for his success in wiping out tuberculosis among CT dairy herds & for perfecting the intradermal tuberculin test which was adopted as official by both the U.S. & Canada.
Spouse Laura Ida GARVIN
Birth 12 Jan 1877, Morristown, NY
Death 8 Nov 1950, Her eldest daughters home, Wethersfield, CT
Father James GARVIN (1827-1913)
Mother Mary Hill BREWER (1842-1883)
Children: Dorothy Beryl (1902-1991)
Grace Mary (1905-1991)
Loxla Lawrence (1909-1978)
Laura Elizabeth (1915-1995)

1.6.2 John H CORWIN
Birth Jul 1890, Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Death 1957, Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY
Burial 1957, Bellport Cemetery
Occ Postmaster
Spouse Nina CORWIN
Death Bellport, Suffolk, L.I., NY

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