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Soon To Come
An Email from Orange, MA
Anders Karlsson & Maria C. Mell
Photo Gallery
02/10/2002 Update: Swedish Roots
My First Big Break
My Research
Gustaf and Clara Marry in 1890
Tidaholm, Vaster Gotaland
The Journey to America
Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts
Orange and Athol Directories for 1896-1897
Emma Arrives at Ellis Island
Per and Huldah Marry in 1897
1900 Census: Anderson, Alfred
1900 Census: Anderson Sisters
1900 Census: Anderson, Gustave
Chicopee Falls, Hampden, MA
Obituaries: Part I
Obituaries: Part II
Hillcrest Cemetery
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The Anderson (Andersson) Siblings of Orange, Chicopee, & Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
The Journey to America

Swedish Immigrants to America most likely took one of the routes shown in the map below...

Route from Sweden to America